Photo credit: Nancy Savan

NEW YORK TIMES- “A seductive monologue impossible not to love. High Piercing Farce...with adult libido sloshing all over the place." 

THE SUNDAY TIMES- “His journey from dissolute, quasi-suicidal cynicism to tiger-like determination is both funny and uplifting”

IRISH VOICE- “Fiercely funny and incredibly uplifting" 

IRISH ECHO- "It's gripping drama... So much to praise, so little space" 

REVIEWS OFF BROADWAY- "A great story, told with wit and energy...a tale not to be missed." 

WOMAN AROUND TOWN- "A winning piece...excellent"

SUNDAY EXPRESS- **** “The intensity which radiates from the actor is breathtaking…"

LA TIMES- “O’Callaghan’s buoyant solo show celebrating the adoption of his son is a charmer. This infectious comedy and irreverent insights keep the evening sharp. Now sell your sweet, saucy adoption story to the movies, Johnny, and put that kid through college.” 

THE IRISH ECHO- "The show stands out from most others this reviewer has seen in years. HILARIOUS, GRIPPING..."

NY THEATER GUIDE -"Our highest recommendation. Brilliantly written and electrifyingly enacted by a master thespian...HILARIOUS - a masterpiece of a monologue."